Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Organizing Kids' Clothes

With fall and winter upon us, I was sorting through the boxes of 
kids' clothing and shoes the other day.  (As a bonus, the big plastic storage bins have been on clearance, so I bought a few to contain the growing amount of clothing - as we add in bigger sizes - around here.)  

Jude decided to "help."

And by "help" I mean he was pretty much just trying on anything, regardless of size.

I'm working on perfecting my system of organizing kids' clothes...

I keep plastic bins in the basement for anything that is currently too small or more than one size bigger for anyone.  I combine all winter and summer clothes for one size for one gender together.  And then I have the 1 box of gender neutral newborn essentials...undershirts, burp rags, sleepers, etc.

     I keep one box in each of the kids' closets with clothes for the next season.  (Like I have in Clare's closet.)  We have been blessed with lots of great hand-me-downs and between those and end of the season clearance I usually have most of their clothes for the next season ahead of time.  

I also have one box with "holiday-wear."  This has mostly gender-neutral clothing for holidays...pumpkin shirts, Santa hats, July 4th T-shirts, etc.  That way I'm not wondering if any of these items are in a boy or girl box.  

And seeing that ghost onesie the other day has me thinking of a costume idea for Ellen for Halloween this year...
...especially since her nickname is "Boo-Boo!"


  1. If you haven't made one yet, those tutu's are so easy to make...let me know if you need easy directions!!! BTW, Ellen would be adorable in that costume!

  2. I am working on Ellen's tutu as we speak! So easy and inexpensive to make!!!

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