Thursday, September 1, 2011

Party Stress...

In about 48 hours our Labor Day weekend will begin.  We are excited to be hosting a college friend and her family on Friday night and then Ellen's 1st Birthday Bash/Labor Day festivities on Monday.

And it is about this time every time before we host anything that I wish about 100 different things around the house were finished...and realize that it is physically impossible that any of these things can be completed before guests arrive!

The one thing I did accomplish was putting the little Christmas tree that has been in the foyer for the past couple of days back in the basement.

And bought some fall mums for the porch.  (That counts for some kind of home-improvement, right?)    

And had some really good laughs with Jude rediscovering photobooth on the computer.

Maybe we will have some new paint up and curtains hung for Ellen's 2nd birthday...sounds more realistic to me right now.  I feel less stressed already!  

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