Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Last Hurrah of the Summer...

We went to the zoo the day before Clare started kindergarten.  It was our last summer outing and was a treat to go with all of our cousins!  And this was Ellen's first trip to the zoo...of course that means I got NO pictures of her while we were there.  Poor 3rd child!

The elephants have always been Clare's favorite and are usually first on our "must see" list.

She used to call them "EL-laps" when she was little...so we all call them that now.

 Black bears.

The penguins outside.

And inside the penguin house...which is keep very cool and is always somewhat refreshing to go in, if you can stand the lovely fishy aroma!

The penguins are Jude's favorite! 

And we hit up all the other "regulars"..

...including Aunt Jane's favorite, the giraffes!  :)

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  1. I am noticing some layers in the back of clare's hair cut!