Sunday, September 11, 2011

Seasonal Laundry Room

Fall is finally around the corner.  This past week I enjoyed turning the air conditioning off, airing out the house, and sleeping with the windows open.  We even baked some banana bread.  (Can't wait to make pumpkin bread soon!)
Then on Saturday morning Ellen and I updated our laundry room from "summer" to "fall."

Swim bag ready on the hooks.
Beach towels in the bench.
Waaaaay too many flip flops and summer shoes in the shoe basket.

Basket in bench full of baseball hats, extra sunscreen, and water wingies.

Ellen LOVES to play with shoes, so going through the shoe basket was a fun time for her...

And she's probably the smartest 1 year-old around because she found matching pairs of shoes out of the pile!  (Regardless that she puts them on her hands and crawls around that way...)

Fall jackets on the hooks.
School-approved shoes taking over the shoe basket. 
Sunscreen put away and mittens/hats waiting to take their space (but not quite yet!).  

And rain boots replacing beach towels. 

Happy Fall!

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  1. I love that feeling when the air gets cooler and the days get shorter! I love your makeover too.

    We are experiencing quite the opposite over here though! The days are getting longer and warmer and Spring is in the air!

    Happy Fall!

    Best wishes,